Hello! I'm Sarah Bradley and my campaign for School Trustee in Rural area 2 is my first foray in the public political process. I am a four year resident in Roberts Creek, where my family, vocation, and passions moved from the lower mainland - we sought a different quality of life, especially for our now six year old child.

I am an equestrian coach, and have made my living as a practitioner and business owner for 28 years. I have a Masters degree in Coaching Science and I am a National Coaching Program certified Level 3 coach. I have been involved in the advancement of provincial and national programs serving on committees and in executive positions including 'Provincial Sport Organization President' and 'National Governance Committee Chair.'

I believe that the Sunshine Coast has educational possibilities that are unique, and allow for academic development both in classrooms and non-traditional experiential and community based learning. The success of the Primary Level Outdoor School in Davis Bay is good example of this.

A coach`s job is to facilitating athletic skill development through experiential learning and instill the desire to continuously learn and improve as athletes and people.

Competency based education has been key to athlete development for many years. There are lessons here that can translate well into our school system to facilitate learning; to motivate students to achieve their potential and become successful, lifelong learners.

I look forward to meeting as many parents and voters as possible over the next few weeks, and beyond if elected.

I can be contacted at SarahBradleyForSchoolTrustee@gmail.com with questions or comments.